Declaração do CEO

Como aderir aos WEPs

As empresas interessadas em aderir aos WEPs podem:


a) fazer o download do Formulário (em português), que deve ser preenchido e devolvido à equipe WEPs nos seguintes endereços eletrônicos: [email protected] com cópia para [email protected].  Um membro da equipe WEPs confirmará recebimento e fará contato para mais informações dentro de duas semanas;


b) em inglês, duas opções:

1) fazer o download do formulário (PDF);

2) ou preencher formulário online.


Favor observar: a assinatura da Declaração de Apoio de CEOs é restrita a líderes de empresas com 10 empregados no mínimo. Para saber como empresas não-comerciais podem aderir aos WEPs, clique aqui.


Para outras dúvidas, visite nossa FAQ.



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Download the CEO Statement of Support for your CEO to sign here. Please upload a PDF of the signed CEO Statement.

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CEO Quote

Please provide a quote from your CEO about the reasons she/he signed the CEO Statement of Support and why women's empowerment is a company priority. The quote will be included with WEPs materials, both web-based and hard copy, to highlight the company's commitment.

Example of Policy, Practice or Initiative

Please provide an example of, or link to, one or more of your policies, practices or initiatives relevant to gender equality and women's empowerment. The examples will be included in our publication Companies Leading the Way included with WEPs materials, both web-based and hard copy, to highlight the company's commitment.

Areas of Interest

Please indicate any areas of particular interest to help us to arrange events and other activities to assist with implementation of the WEPs (e.g. guidance on reporting, equal pay for equal work, value chain, community initiatives etc):

Voluntary Contribution*

The WEPs are a tool available to all companies free of charge. Global Compact participants that sign the CEO Statement of Support automatically contribute to the growth and sustainability of the WEPs initiative through their annual contribution to the Global Compact, which provides the Secretariat for the Women's Empowerment Principles. Companies that are not currently participants in the Global Compact are encouraged to consider joining in an effort to broaden their understanding and approach to corporate sustainability. For information on how to participate in the Global Compact, please see here or contact Lauren Gula ([email protected]).

Alternatively, companies that are not participants in the Global Compact, but are interested in signing the CEO Statement of Support for the Women's Empowerment Principles, are encouraged to make an annual contribution to help support the activities and efforts of the Women's Empowerment Principles initiative at the global level. Suggested annual contributions are USD 5,000 for large companies**, USD 2,500 for medium sized companies*** and USD 500 for small companies. Annual contributions are payable to the Foundation for the Global Compact. Please indicate if the Foundation may send the indicated contact person an invoice and, if so, for what amount. If your company would like to make an in-kind contribution, please contact Lauren Gula ([email protected])

** A large company has > USD 250 million in annual sales/revenue
*** A medium sized company has between USD 50 million and USD 250 million in annual sales/revenue

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