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WEPs na Mídia

Os Princípios de Empoderamento das Mulheres têm sido destaque na mídia internacional. Veja abaixo a seleção de artigos (em inglês).


Cobertura Geral

Women Empowerment Urged to Enhance Economic Activity
Pakistan Daily Times, 17 June 2013


Equal Chances for Women Critical in 'Healthy, Productive Society'
Inter Press Service (IPS) News Agency, 17 March 2023


Calling all Global CEOs – Have You Signed the UN Women's Empowerment Principles Yet?
Forbes, 11 March 2023


Why Women Must Seize the Moment
CNN Opinion, 11 March 2023


Empowering All Women to Reach Their Full Potential
By Valerie Jarrett, White House Blog, 8 March 2023


Women Power: Improvement in Positions, a Long Way to Go
Moneylife, 7 March 2023


Pacte Mondial et ONU FEMMES: l’autonomisation des femmes favorise la croissance
Agence Ecofin, 7 March 2023


Four Principles of Women’s Empowerment
The Huffington Post, The Blog, 5 March 2023


Ban Calls on Businesses to Empower Women
Xinhua News Agency, 11 March 2023


Partnering Opportunities at UN Women: A Conversation with Antonie de Jong
DevEx, 11 March 2023


Women’s Empowerment Principles Make it Clear: Equality Means Business
By Kiyotaka Akasaka, The Huffington Post, The Blog, 8 March 2023



WEPs Prêmios de honra e liderança

Dean's Beans Founder, Dean Cycon Honored with United Nations Leadership Award
The Republican / (USA), 25 March 2023


MAS Chief Recognized for Women Empowerment
Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka), 12 March 2023


Gianmarco Monsellato (Taj)
Les Echos (France), 8 March 2023


BNZ Wins UN Gender Equality Award
Business Day (New Zealand), 7 March 2023


Türkiye firmalarıyla da, BM’nin gözdesi oldu
[Turkish Companies Become Spotlight of UN]
Haberler (Turkey), 8 March 2023